How to get started using Bolster Dynamics Wordpress Plugin!
On this page you will find everything you need to implement Bolster Dynamics using the Bolster Dynamics Wordpress Plugin. Just follow the steps and instructions below to begin.
Go to your Google Tag Manger account and from the dashboard select 'New Tag'
Give your tag a name such as 'Bolster Dynamics'
Click on the 'Choose a tag type' and select 'Custom HTML'
Copy the tag below and paste it into the text field in Google Tag Manager
<!-- Bolster Dynamics -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    (function(d,s,el) {
        var bd = d.createElement('script'); bd.type = 'text/javascript'; bd.src = s; bd.async = true; el.appendChild(bd);
    })(document, '', document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]);
Next, click the 'Triggers' section. The triggers you have saved will vary but you should have 'All Pages' defined as the option. Then click 'Save'.
You can now 'Preview' your changes or 'Submit' to publish them to your live site.
You are good to go!
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