Automatically convert and route website visitors and form leads to remote teams.
A new and better way to route leads to remote teams, increase conversion, contact and qualification rates and track sales calls as conversions.
Based on 3 years research, 15,000 sales calls and over 100,000 leads
You are 100 times more likely to contact a lead if you call it in under 60 seconds*
You are 21 times more likely to qualify a lead if you contact it within 5 minutes*
After 20 hrs, every additional attempt you make to contact a lead actually damages it*
* Lead Response Management Survey - Professor Oldroyd - Kellogg/MIT
A personal 30 minute online demonstration of the Bolster Dynamics platform with a walkthrough of the dashboard, use cases, success stories, and best practice set-up and configuration.
Increase conversions by 125% using the CallMe web plug-in
Intelligently engage your website visitors when they are most interested in your products or services and offer them a callback from your sales team.
"...enquiries from the website pretty much doubled and all of them were phone calls which made it simple."

Martin - Professional Services Company

Track sales calls as conversions to optimize your advertising spend
Finally shine a light on sales calls as conversions, fill the gap in your performance data and optimize your advertising channels, campaigns and keywords for high intent sales calls.
"We were shocked to discover how effective some of our PPC campaigns were in driving sales calls, we were blind before."

Lisa - UK Fin-tech Business

Schedule-a-callback feature means you never miss an enquiry.
Enable your website visitors to schedule a callback at a time that suits them to make sure you never miss an enquiry. Set your office hours and route calls to available teams.
"Really simple and effective. Lots of our customers find us online after we've finished work. This makes a real difference."

Ben - Accountancy Firm

Start calls in context with real-time customer journey intelligence
Know what your website visitors were most interested in when they requested a call-back and begin sales conversations in context with real-time customer journey intelligence.
"We are really impressed with how easy it is to see what people were looking at on our site prior to having the call!"

Karl - Home Improvements

Increase contact rates by up to 1,000% using ConnectMe
Convert your website visitors into sales calls in less than 23 seconds and watch as your conversion, contact and qualification rates go through the roof.
"We saw an immediate increase in sales calls from the site, the quality of the leads is great and it was super easy to set-up."

Will - SaaS AI Start-Up

Customise widget messaging to promote offers and promotions
Tell your website visitors about special offers, sales discounts and promotions and encourage them to talk directly to one of your sales team about it without having to change your website.
"...makes it easy to quickly add last minute deals to the site and connect holiday makers straight to our agents."

James - Travel Agency

Increase qualification rates by up to 2,100% using FormCall
Automatically contact your submission form enquiries in under 23 seconds so your sales team can talk to them whilst they're still on your website.
"...the inbound SDRs have booked 25% more online demos and pipelines are filling up quicker than ever."

Paul - UK Mar-Tech Software Business

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Quick and easy 15 minute set-up. A single, lightweight javascript tag enables every feature - simple.
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Pick the colours and text that match your brand and choose on what, when and where to trigger the plug-in.

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Configure your account
Add your phone numbers, create agents and choose your opening hours and who gets connected to calls.

7 minutes
Receive your sales calls
Activate the ConnectMe instant call connect technology and start receiving sales calls from your website.

Do you have some questions? You'll probably find the answers below. If not, send us an email.
What size is the java-script tag?
The tag only adds 373 bytes to your site. Another 24 bytes is asynchronously loaded every time the page loads. These numbers are tiny.
How can I pay?
For monthly accounts we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and Paypal. For enterprise/annual accounts we also accept bank/wire transfers.
Which phone number calls my lead?
You can choose to either assign your own phone number or use phone numbers provided by Bolster Dynamics - up to you.
What about GDPR?
Bolster Dynamics processes the data entered by visitors to your website. Because this data is entered by your website visitors they are giving consent. You can also update your privacy policy if you feel it is needed.
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